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My name is Rosanna Pena and I'm a mosaicist living in Houston, Tx. I've been in love with the art of mosaics for close to 19yrs. My first encounter with mosaics was with a mural of La Virgen de Gudalupe while I was on a field trip in San Antonio, TX when I was in 7th grade. Pretty much after that I was set in stone to be a mosaicist. All of my training is from being self taught over the last 10yrs. I've read book after book and made mosaic after mosaic til I got my style to where I want to be. I'm always learning new ideas and findind new mediums to work on.

My primary goal as far as my craft is concerned is to make beautiful mosaics for anyone and everyone to enjoy. I mostly make functional mosaics b/c I like that beautiful art can be seen by others on any given moment.

Now..... my primary focus will always be mosaics, but in my down times or moments of lack of inspiration I do like to create other art. i mean, for as long as I can remember I've been a crafty person. Whether it was making friendship bracelets, handmade bags, paper mache' or coloring stained glass windows on notebook paper I've always been creating. You can find a link to my other art on the homepage of this webblog.

Rose aka Mosaicme!